Robby's Rabbits

How We Began

Since we have so many new friends, I though I would answer some commonly asked questions. 
How did we begin? We started in August of 2011 as a way to honor the memory of my son, Robby for his 2nd birthday. Friends had been asking what they could do. Knowing that the bereavement program at Good Sam was getting low on their supply (thanks for the spark Mary and Pam) we requested stuffed animals to send to them. I posted a status on Facebook and what followed still amazes me! A friend commented that "this is gonna get HUGE and you need a page!" (Thanks Hugh for the push) and two other friends jumped on it and flew! (Thanks Tim and Rachael!) With in two hours of the initial post, we had a web site and Facebook page! The next day, a childhood friend dropped of the first 2 donations. (Thanks Lisa) and a few days later, as friends gathered to remember Robby on his 2nd birthday, I watched in amazement as the little basket (and then table) overflowed with rabbits. I still think back and am in awe at the love and support that we have been blessed with. Thank you to ALL who have supported our dream of keeping Robby's memory alive and for, as a very loved doctor told me to do the week after Robby's death, "Making something good come out of this devastation". (Thank you Dr. Fred Rezvani!). As each new event happens with this, I am amazed... In loving memory of Robby and ALL babies gone to soon, Thank you!

- Mommy Bunny
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